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Paresh Desai,

 a Chartered Accountant  in the financial sector more specifically the stock market having 25 years experience and 15 years experience as a Coach and Trainer.

My key focus is on making you confident in Stock Market Trading and Investment so you have a pleasant and profitable Experience right from the word GO.

I have simplified the technical analysis studies so that anyone from a 15 year old to a senior citizen find it very easy to implement.

Having spent 15 years in the Coaching and Training arena I am on a Mission to create awareness about Wealth Creation opportunities in Stock and other Financial Markets and help 100000 people create Wealth using Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

I am also founder of the “Investing money Hub”.

I am CEO at Sankalp Eduventure a StockMarket Coaching and Training Centre.

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USP (Unique Selling Point)

My entire training focus is to simplify and systematize the Trading and Investing strategies and methodology which ensure maximum benefits to the participant. This is the reason why anyone from 15 year old to a senior citizen are easily able to understand and implement the Systems.