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How do you start Investing in Stock Market for Wealth Creation while Maximising your returns & minimising your risk.

Even if you have zero knowledge

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Stock Market Investing Masterclass?

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How to invest wisely Like  Warren Buffet

Reserve a seat before October 15, 2023 to unlock Bonuses Worth ₹5490

Experiences Shared By My Students

Wonderful experience. I got hooked on trading as the explanation of technical analysis was so systematic and clear. Highly recommended, you will be a winner. After attending the first level I was curious to see what else would catch my attention. But the second level far superseded the 1st concerning fine-tuning and enhancing the trades. It's been an eye-opener. Very enjoyable and informative experience.
Ravina Arora
Trading and making more returns was always a goal for me. This course is so beautifully designed that it has given me a clear path for me to reach my goal in due course of time. Another important point is that trading is related directly to emotions and this course has given me the discipline to keep my emotions in check and follow simple rules and keep practicing these rules hence forward. It has made learning the art of trading a fun activity. 
Captain Gagnender Singh
Paresh is an excellent teacher!! The market was extremely confusing and intimidating for me and he's made the whole process so simple and easy and has gained confidence in investing. His patience and cheerful disposition throughout the course help and encourages you. I am really happy and grateful to have done this course with him!
Urvashi Gaekwad
Love my classes with Sankalp Eduventure. Paresh sir is such a good tutor. Makes everything look so easy and hands on person. I recommended his classes to everyone who is keen to learn about investing in stock market. I am so thankful to have joined his class.
Tejaswini Dhiraj
I was very sceptical at the start as I do not have a finance background. However, the way the course was designed and taught was amazing. Believe me you will be able to take some really good trades with level 1 course itself. It is better to invest in learning how to trade than working on tips and suggestions.
Rohan Lekhi
I Got to know all the basics of stock market and now I am able to know which stock to buy, when to buy and when to sell. I am easily able to use all the tools of technical analysis and I can use these tools to avoid risk. Every session is intriguing and paresh sir takes so many examples which has cleared my so many doubts.
Ankita Suthar
Reserve a seat before October 15, 2023 to unlock Bonuses Worth ₹5490

You Should Join this Masterclass If You

Cost of Not Taking Action

You will fail to meet your Financial Goals for a long time
You will stay insecure about your future because of layoffs
You are failing to generate your desired income from your business of job
You will invest your Money in RD, FD and Inflation will beat your ROI
Yo will continue to make losses by making wrong decisions
Reserve a seat before October 15, 2023 to unlock Bonuses Worth ₹5490

Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹5490 For FREE

Reserve a seat before October 15, 2023 to unlock Bonuses Worth ₹5490

How Does This Workshop Work?

In this Hands-On workshop, You will start seeing result in your business from tomorrow

Attend the Actionable Workshop

Take Notes While You Watch

Apply Learnings To Your Business Today

See The Results Tomorrow

Any Trader – Who wants to take their Portfolio to the next stage by avoiding Mistakes and taking the right Action

Reserve a seat before October 15, 2023 to unlock Bonuses Worth ₹5490

Meet your Stock Market Expert & Trainer

CA Paresh Desai

(Stock Market Trading & Investing Coach)

I am Paresh Desai. I am a Coach for Stock market trading and Investments and Guide for Managing Investments in Stocks.

I have over 15+ years of experience in the Coaching and Training arena. I strive to protect and enhance the existing Shares and Securities Portfolio held by Individuals or by Groups/ Organizations. I am is the founder of the “Investing money Hub”, and CEO at Sankalp Eduventure, a StockMarket Coaching and Training Centre.

I have mentored over 5000 people to be a successful trader and investor.



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Experiences shared by people who previously attended this workshop

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Experiences shared by people who previously attended this workshop

Sandeep Ohri

(Leadership Speaker, Independent Director)

Paresh not only has a very deep insight into Technical charts, but also has a passion to teach - which is, truly, a rare combination! The Webinar had a lot of real-world examples of various stock charts and happenings. Truly recommended.

Dr. Vivek G Mendosa

(Group Director - Marketing | LYNX -LAWRENCE & MAYO)

Prof Paresh's time has come ,CA classes may have been his one source of income but teaching students about stock market is where he glows. I am his student and so is my son, Jai. I recommend Paresh Sir’s Webinar on the Stock Exchange. 

Questions generally asked about the workshop

We have tried our best to answer all the frequently asked questions

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It’s going to be a completely LIVE session of 3 Hours.

No, we won’t be sharing any recordings. Since it’s a live masterclass, each participant is expected to attend the masterclass live. Also, recordings of a live session are just boring.

After the masterclass is done, you will receive all the bonuses within 48 hours.

Yes. You can find all the information you need on the internet but in an unstructured format. This masterclass gives you 90 Minutes of value-packed information from Mr. Paresh Desai

Who Should Attend The Workshop?

If You Are Passionate About Stock Trading and Want To Earn Consistent Profit
If You are a Stock Market Beginner unaware of practical fundamental analysis and how to pick stocks.
If you are someone who wants to buy and sell Stocks with Confidence
If you are someone who wants to learn the psychology behind stock investor decisions
If you are someone who wants to master Chart reading and Candle Sticks analysis
Reserve a seat before October 15, 2023 to unlock Bonuses Worth ₹5490